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How To Order

great plains cholesterol testSonic Cholesterol must be ordered with a doctor’s assistance, and only after testing is done to determine if total cholesterol levels are truly low and supplementation seems warranted. Generally, levels below 140 ng/ml are indicative of too low cholesterol and responsive to cholesterol supplementation. However, some individuals may still benefit from cholesterol supplementation with levels between 140 to 160 ng/ml. Levels above 160 ng/ml (between 170 to 180) appear to be ideal.

Cholesterol testing should be available through your personal physician as a Lipid Panel or a Total Cholesterol test. This test will help in the determination of how much Sonic Cholesterol is necessary on a daily basis for cholesterol support. Cholesterol supplementation above the ideal level does not warrant additional cholesterol support.

Physicians Only!

To purchase Sonic Cholesterol for your practice, please fill in the form at the link below.
The form will be submitted automatically to New Beginnings Nutritionals, and an account will be set up for you.

Access the Sonic Cholesterol purchase form here.