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“How long has Sonic Cholesterol been available?”
Since October of 2007.

“Who produces Sonic Cholesterol?”
It is custom manufactured specifically for New Beginnings Nutritionals by a top quality, cGMP accredited manufacturing facility.

“What is the source of cholesterol?”
Purified sheep’s wool

“Any known impurities or toxins?”
None. A GCMS analysis shows that Sonic Cholesterol is 99.8% pure. In addition, extensive testing is done for heavy metals, organophosphates and other toxins on the raw materials before each batch is produced.  Laboratory testing consistently shows no detectable levels.

“Any known side effects from the company that produces it?”
None known

“Any contraindications for its use?”
Sonic Cholesterol is contraindicated for persons who already have existing high cholesterol level above 180 ng/ml (cholesterol levels above 160 ng/ml do not appear to warrant cholesterol supplementation). Because cholesterol is naturally found in food and is a substance that is made by the body, it is completely natural and beneficial. The only caution that should be exercised is to have blood cholesterol levels checked regularly by your practitioner so dosages can be adjusted if necessary.

“What is the best way to take Sonic Cholesterol?”
Capsules can be swallowed or opened up and put  into food.  It has virtually no taste, and can easily be mixed into food without altering the taste.  Because it is not water soluble, it is not recommended to mix it into drinks.

“Can it be mixed in food?”
Yes. Taking it with a fatty meal or with fish oil may possibly increase absorption.

“Can it interfere with medications or other supplements?”
No, and no problems have been observed.

“What happens if a dose is missed?”
It would be no problem to double the next dose although ideal dosing is 2 times per day.

“I heard that cholesterol oxidized easily. How can I be assured about that this is not the case with Sonic Cholesterol?”
Because it is a crystallized powdered form of cholesterol, it is not a susceptible to oxidation and laboratory testing has shown that the product shows virtually no oxidation one year past manufacturers date.

“Does a person need to fast (not eat 8 to 10 hours prior to blood draw) before having a cholesterol test? No. Fasting does not significantly affect cholesterol levels and this is generally only required when looking at triglyceride levels.

“How Can I order Sonic Cholesterol?”  Sonic Cholesterol can only be ordered with a physicians assistance. Physicians can set up an account and order Sonic Cholesterol Here.