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Sonic Cholesterol Helps People with Low Cholesterol to Raise It To Healthy Levels.

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Cholesterol is vitally important for our health. Cholesterol is critical for hormone production such as testosterone, progesterone, DHEA, cortisol and pregnenolone. Testosterone and progesterone deficiencies become problematic as we age leading to fatigue, loss of muscle strength, and poor vitality. DHEA, often considered to be an anti-aging hormone, is also necessary for healthy immune function and balance of estrogen in women. Cortisol and pregnenolone are necessary for adrenal health (which affects blood sugar balance and inflammation) and brain function, respectively. Low Cholesterol levels can create deficiencies in these overtime.

Low Cholesterol Deprives The Body of Needed Fat

Cholesterol makes up a significant percentage of the fatty coating around our brain and nervous system. This coating allows for improved efficiency of nerve impulses which helps our brain and body function properly. Without this coating our brain and nervous system is much more susceptible to problems.

Cholesterol is important for communication messaging between the cells of our body. One specific function of cholesterol is critical for a hormone called oxytocin which helps with bonding and social interest and interaction.

Low Cholesterol vs High Cholesterol

We have been told for years that cholesterol levels being too high are problematic, that it can contribute to heart disease and strokes. In fact, this is true for many people. However, what has gone unrecognized or ignored for many years is that too low cholesterol can be just as detrimental often leading to a myriad of mental health and disease conditions. There is a dynamic balance of all things in the body that must be achieved for optimal health to manifest, and cholesterol is a critically important component of that balance.

Sonic Cholesterol is an excellent choice for reviving low cholesterol levels:

Sonic Cholesterol is a pure and potent nutritional supplement designed specifically to support healthy cholesterol levels.

Sonic Cholesterol is the only cholesterol supplement on the market designed to help raise cholesterol to normal levels.

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