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Benefits of Cholesterol

Cholesterol serves several important roles in metabolism: it is a key constituent of all cell membranes and provides the structural framework of vitamin D and adrenal and sex hormones, as well as for bile acids which help digest fat and increase absorption of fat soluble vitamins. Most cholesterol is made in the liver and is so crucial to metabolism that, if necessary, it can be synthesized from either fatty acids or glucose.
The Brain is the Most Cholesterol-Rich Organ in the Body

Sonic Cholesterol Image

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Low Cholesterol Linked to Depression And Other Mental Illnesses

low cholesterol and depression imageLow cholesterol has been connected to depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and statistically higher frequency of violent behavior, suicide, Parkinson’s disease, and cancer mortality. Susceptibilities to tuberculosis and gastrointestinal infections are also associated with lower cholesterol levels. Most significantly, the death rate is doubled in older adults with lower total cholesterol and stroke and cataracts rates are higher.

Low Cholesterol Can Be Just As Dangerous As High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a sterol essential to life and is found in every animal cell. Cholesterol is part of our cellular structure and protects our tissues. Many people fear and focus on high cholesterol levels, yet never focus on low cholesterol levels, which can have negative health effects. Like everything in nature, balance is the key.

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