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great plains cholesterol testSonic Cholesterol must be ordered with a doctor’s assistance, and only after testing is done to determine if total cholesterol levels are truly low and supplementation seems warranted. Generally, levels below 140 ng/ml are indicative of too low cholesterol and responsive to cholesterol supplementation. However, some individuals may still benefit from cholesterol supplementation with levels between 140 to 160 ng/ml. Levels above 160 ng/ml (between 170 to 180) appear to be ideal.

Cholesterol testing should be available through your personal physician as a Lipid Panel or a Total Cholesterol test. This test will help in the determination of how much Sonic Cholesterol is necessary on a daily basis for cholesterol support. Cholesterol supplementation above the ideal level does not warrant additional cholesterol support.

If You Need To Order a Cholesterol Test:

Please inquire with your personal physician regarding a Total Cholesterol Test.

If You Already Have A Recent Cholesterol Test:

If you already have a Total Cholesterol test (sometimes called just a cholesterol test or lipid panel from most reference laboratories such as LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, or local hospital) done from either your personal physician or local laboratory ORDER BELOW

You Can Order A Cholesterol Test Review From Dr. Woeller

Dr. Woeller offers a Cholesterol Test Review service, where you send him your cholesterol test results, and he will review the results and offer dosing instructions. This convenient service is just $30, and can be completed online, below.

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Once you have ordered a test review, you will receive an email message with an email address to send us your Cholesterol test for a review. If your test is not already in a digital form, you can always take a picture of it with your phone and send it to us that way.

Dr. Woeller will review your test results and recommend appropriate dosage of Sonic Cholesterol. You will receive a supplement approval form via email (note: approval form will be delivered within 3 to 5 business days of Dr. Woeller receiving you test results). This approval form will contain your personal access code and link to the specific New Beginnings website page to order the Sonic Cholesterol on your own. This same approval form will be sent to New Beginnings Nutritionals as well to approve a 90 day supply of Sonic Cholesterol. If you prefer, after receiving your approval form from Dr. Woeller, you can contact a New Beginnings representative directly at 877-575-2467 to order the Sonic Cholesterol. New Beginnings Nutritionals will then confirm your order, and then ship the appropriate supply of Sonic Cholesterol to you, based on Dr. Woeller’s recommendation.

If your test shows normal or elevated cholesterol you will be notified to either make you aware that cholesterol supplementation is unnecessary (for normal cholesterol) or seek assistance from your personal physician (for elevated cholesterol) for additional recommendations, as too high cholesterol can be a risk factor for heart disease.

Dr. Woeller reserves the right to forgo Sonic Cholesterol approval if cholesterol levels are already normal or elevated based on your submitted lab test.

Your First Order Will Be For 90 Days
If deemed appropriate, an initial 90 day supply of Sonic Cholesterol will be approved. If you wish to continue with Sonic Cholesterol beyond this initial 90 days you will need to submit another cholesterol test to Dr. Woeller for review (with another $30 lab review fee). If deemed appropriate, another 90 day supply of Sonic Cholesterol will be approved. If, at this point, you wish to continue with Sonic Cholesterol, you will need to submit another cholesterol test to Dr. Woeller (with another $30 lab review fee). If deemed appropriate at this point, a 180 day supply of Sonic Cholesterol will be approved. After the first 180 days, repeat cholesterol tests will need to be done every 6 months to make sure cholesterol supplementation is still necessary.

For more information regarding Sonic Cholesterol please read through the Frequently Asked Questions of this website for more additional information.